Wealth 101: Tools for your teen

Infographic: Wealth 101
Keep an eye on Wealth 101, a new infographic site that covers essential concepts in personal finance.

The result of a new partnership between Visual Capitalists and Next Gen Personal Finance, the plan is to update the site every few weeks with a new data visualization. The goal: to build out a "compelling base of lessons."

I've followed both Visual Capitalist and Next Gen Personal Finance for a while and it's exciting to see them partnering up for this new venture.

This sounds like it will be great, easy-to-digest material, perfect to give your teen right at the moment they need it.

Here's the latest graphic, which takes a look at the power of compound interest. Follow Wealth 101 yourself to be sure to get the whole series as it progresses.

Start here: The #FinLit Menu for Parents

When my son entered his teens I started to get serious about financial literacy in a way I should have been years before.  The good new...